Bootstrap 3.1.0 发布

jopen 10年前


  • Three new templates: Blog, Cover, and Dashboard.
  • #10884: Add .info variant to contextual table classes.
  • #11138: Add contextual styles to list groups.
  • #11162: Add new sizes, .modal-lg and .modal-sm, to modals for quicker settings on modals. Only applies to modals above the small breakpoint.
  • #11193: Add <kbd> element styles to indicate user input via keyboard.
  • #11244: Add .animation() mixins.
  • #11572: Add contextual background-color classes to match our existing text classes. (This also moves both sets of classes to the Helper Classes section of the CSS docs.)
  • #11675: Add .text-justify class to round out the text alignment classes.
  • #11836: Add new form control feedback classes to toggle icons for each validation state. Works on regular forms, horizontal, and inline.

While we originally wanted v3.1 to include RTL support, we decided to hold back on that for some potentially beneficial unreleased tooling. We'll share more on that when we know more, but suffice to say it's been bumped to v3.2.

CSS changes

  • #10951: Add outline: 0 to .modal to prevent a focus outline from appearing in Chrome for Windows.
  • #11107: Add @modal-backdrop-opacity variable for customizable modal backdrop.
  • #11266: Apply a pixel-based line-height that matches the height to date inputs for iOS 7 for proper vertical alignment of text in the form control.
  • #11286: Add @well-border variable.
  • #11302: Refactor the responsive utility classes to cut a few hundred lines of CSS (more context in #11214).
  • #11435: Prevent the double borders between multiple buttons in an input group.
  • #11561: Add float: left; to .form-controls within input groups to prevent IE9 from screwing up placeholder text and select menu arrows.
  • #11588: Scope font-size to only <p> elements in .jumbotrons and remove the super-sized line-height from the base class to avoid interference with sub-components.
  • #11676: Add -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; to modals for smooth scrolling on iOS devices.
  • #11744: Clean up some incompatible properties in forms.less: block level inputs no longer receive vertical-align: middle; unless necessary, e.g. in inline forms.
  • #11748: Updated .scale() mixin so that it accepts optional vertical scale as second parameter.
  • #11750: Reverts v3.0.3's refactor to contextual table classes to ensure they work with striped tables.
  • #11757: Darken default navbar toggle bars to meet WCAG criteria.
  • #11766: Use @color variable in .button-variant() mixin to set background-color on .badges in buttons for proper default button badge styles.
  • #11741: Don't set @headings-font-family to the same font stack as the <body>; instead, just use inherit for same default CSS.
  • #11786: Nest media queries within print utilities for mixin-friendliness.
  • #11790: With switch to LESS compiler, remove duplicate CSS generated from the nested .clearfix class and mixin by switching to &:extend(.clearfix all).
  • #11801: Use correct variables for grid containers.
  • #11817: Rework input groups to use the font-size: 0; and white-space: nowrap hack for a more durable component with regards to code formatting and custom font size changes.
  • #11829: Add .make-xs-column mixins to complement the recently added extra small predefined grid classes.
  • #11836: Along with the form validation update, we reset some key form and icon styles:
    • All .form-controls within inline forms are set to width: auto; to prevent stacking of .form-label within a .form-group.
    • Removes all select.form-control settings since those are now inherited by the above change
    • Removes the width: 1em; from the Glyphicons because it was virtually impossible to override.
  • #11841: Breadcrumb padding values now use variables.
  • #11859: Restore @dropdown-caret-color variable, but deprecate it.
  • #11861: Add @list-group-active-text-color variable for improved customization on active list group items.
  • #11868: Cleanup modal z-index values in modals.less.
  • Updated <blockquote> to no longer thing text or modify line-height for improved readability.
  • #11990, #12159: Make range inputs block level and 100% wide by default.
  • #12073: Make order of component variations consistent throughout the repo.
  • #12164: Fix value of SVG font ID and removed hard coded value.
  • #12171: Ensure panel groups have a bottom margin since we nuke it on child panels.
  • #12247: Add and use .text-emphasis-variant() mixin for emphasis classes. Also updated emphasis classes to only apply :hover styles to linked content.
  • #12248: Add and use .bg-variant() mixin to generate background classes.
  • #12249: Add and use @modal-md Less variable for uniformity.
  • #12250: Remove print margins per upstream H5BP change, thus deferring to browser defaults, or users' custom values should they set them.
  • #12286: Only remove appropriate border-radius from first and last tables or list groups in panels.
  • #12353: Scope table border reset in panels to first-child rows.
  • #12359: Reset min-width on <fieldset>s so they don't break responsive tables and behave more like standard block level elements.
  • #12406: Upgrade to Normalize v3.
  • #12422: Reset height on select[multiple] in .input-size() mixin.
  • #12424: Given Normalize v3 upgrade, account for change on <figure> element so that we don't cause backward compatibility issues.
  • #12388: Apply a fixed height to .navbar-brand to ensure adding a Glyphicon doesn't increase it's height.
  • </ul>

    JavaScript changes

    • #9318, #9459, #10105: Properly place remote content within the .modal-content instead of .modal-body (see note below).
    • #10044: Check that href id's are followed by valid characters in dropdowns.
    • #10134: Don't use jQuery offset directly because it uses sub pixel rendering.
    • #10199: Correct and events firing too early in tooltips and popovers.
    • #10205: Enable support of Chinese characters in Scrollspy targets.
    • #10236: Properly calculate offset positioning for affix plugin when reloading a scrolled window.
    • #10260, #10568, #10740: Properly hide tooltips and popovers if no animation is set.
    • #10283: Prevent IE8 from complaining about $.support.transition.end.
    • #10327: Correctly reset carousel when the slide event is prevented.
    • #10359: Pass $element to offset top/bottom calc funcs for better dynamic offsets.
    • #10658: Don't let popover content lose bound events on second setContent call.
    • #10675: Ensure scrollspy target in tab content works properly.
    • #10709: Be consistent about type of quotes in our JS—switches double quotes to single quotes throughout.
    • #10761: Don't create new tooltip/popover objects just to destroy them immediately.
    • #10798: Modal namespacing.
    • #10801: Restore .collapse to .in after collapsing animation finishes in collapse plugin.
    • #10834: Only preventDefault on click on [data-toggle="modal"] when the element is a link.
    • #10890: Calling $().button(state) shouldn't enable a disabled button.
    • #10911: Add loaded event for use with modal's remote option.
    • #10921: Input groups within button toolbars are now supported.
    • #11203: Improve scrollspy's handling of hidden targets.
    • #11288: Save vertical scroll position of modal between openings.
    • #11362: Update affix and scrollspy on speedy scroll to top of page.
    • #11373: Add related target to dropdown events.
    • #11379: Fix carousel this.sliding not getting reset if $next.hasClass('active').
    • #11416: Use the transition duration from the CSS for the carousel.
    • #11496: Clear tooltip timeout on destroy.
    • #11555: Add @tooltip-opacity variable.
    • #11720: Add events (affix, affixed, affix-top, etc) to affix plugin.
    • #11722: Use document scroll height instead of offset height in affix plugin.
    • #11788: Use focusin/focusout instead of focus/blur for tooltip and popover focus trigger for Firefox and Safari.
    • #11825: Add dropdown ARIA roles.
    • #12270: Add namespace .bs also to the event dismiss.modal.

    Remote modal content

    If you currently use the modal's remote option, be aware this release may break your modals. Yes, this is a breaking change, but it's first and foremost a bug fix one that corrects a rather longstanding and overlooked error. Our apologies for any headaches it may cause, but it's been missed in the last few patch releases.

    See the #11933 pull request for details on the code changes.


    • #10370: Deprecated the .pull-right method for aligning dropdown menus. Includes the following changes:
      • Removed an old and unused pair of selectors that didn’t properly target the right-aligned navbar alignment of dropdown menus.
      • Deprecates the .pull-right alignment in favor of a more specific and unique class name.
      • Adds .dropdown-menu-right as the new alignment class. This is then mixin-ed into the .navbar-right.navbar-nav dropdown menus for auto-alignment (keeping the current behavior we have today).
      • Adds new ability to override that auto-alignment though with the new .dropdown-menu-left, which is mixin-ed in the same way to provide the appropriate specificity of an override. This should never need to be used except for within right-aligned .navbar-nav components.
    • #11660: Deprecate small and .small in blockquote citation in favor of footer element.
    • #12398: Deprecate .box-shadow() mixin.
    • </ul>


      • #10486: Add note about data-toggle dropdown dependency.
      • #10505: Document more of our LESS variables and mixins (not all, but the commonly used ones).
      • #11158: Customizer's variables are now generated via Grunt task from the variables.less file.
      • #11447: Document that modal remote URL is only loaded once.
      • #11655: Normalize disabled inputs and buttons in iOS with opacity: 1;.
      • #11723: Mention removal of .pill-content and .pill-pane in the migration guide.
      • #11738, #11765: Load minified assets in the docs to improve performance.
      • #11742: Add link to French translation in About page (v3.0.3 saw Ukrainian added as well).
      • #11760: Remove mailing list links from readme and about pages.
      • #11764: Add meta tags to docs for description, keywords, and authors.
      • #11770: Move component-animations.less to the utility section of import list to match Customizer
      • #11830, #11832: More help for Windows users installing Jekyll with requirement of Python and link to @juthilo's guide, Run Jekyll on Windows.
      • #11876: Enable failHard grunt-html-validation option.
      • #11977: Concatenate and minify all docs assets.
      • #12037: Move docs .html pages and assets into docs/ subfolder to clean up project root directory. Also moves .csscomb.json and .csslintrc to less/ to further clean up project root.
      • Updated browser and device support documentation:
        • #11055: add mention of select menu styling on Android stock browsers with included optional fix.
        • Update IDs and docs nav to include bookmark links to each section.
        • Add callout to navbar docs about fixed position, inputs, and virtual keyboard.
      • #12073: Make order of component variations consistent throughout the repo.
      • #12244: Move v2.x to v3.x migration docs to a separate page.
      • #12311: Expand information on how to handle overflowing content in navbars.
      • #12314: Add warning about modal markup placement affecting modal appearance/functionality.
      • #12345: Add note about printer viewport weirdness.
      • #12380: Add link to unofficial German translation,
      • </ul>

        Build system & packaging

        • #11761: Add JavaScript Code Style checker integration.
        • #11739: Lint docs-assets/js/application.js and docs-assets/js/customizer.js.
        • #11780: Don't ignore Gruntfile.js or package.json in bower.json as they're required for compilation.
        • #11790: Switch from Recess to LESS compiler.
          • Dropped grunt-recess for grunt-contrib-less to get the latest version of LESS (v1.5.x) since Recess was still quite behind.
          • Adds CSScomb to take place of Recess's CSS linting. Includes custom .csscomb.json in project root with basically the same property order as Recess.
          • Fixes duplicate CSS generation from the nested .clearfix class and mixin by switching to &:extend(.mixin all) (also mentioned in changes section).
          • Compiled CSS looks only slightly different—yay!
        • #11804: Enable CSS source maps in grunt-contrib-less.
        • #12003: Customizer now compiles theme.less with updated values.
        • #12315: Add npm caching based on npm-shrinkwrap.canonical.json.
        • </ul>