Bootstrap 2.2.0 发布

jopen 10年前

2.2.0增加四个新的示例模板,添加多媒体组件,新的排版刻度,修复了</span>box-shadow mixin bug和z-index issues等。更详细信息:more.


  • Added four new example templates to the docs, including a narrow marketing page, sign in form, sticky footer, and a fancy carousel (created for an upcoming .net magazine article).
  • Added the media component, to create larger common components like comments, Tweets, etc.
  • New variable-driven typographic scale based on @baseFontSize and @baseLineHeight.
  • Revamped mini, small, and large padding via new variables for inputs and buttons so everything is the same size.
  • Reverted 2.1.1's .box-shadow(); mixin change that caused compiler errors.
  • 改进下拉子菜单支持dropups左对齐子菜单
  • Fixed z-index issues with tooltips and popovers in modals.
  • Hero unit now sets basic type styles for the entire component, rather than on .hero-unit p { ... }.
  • 更新JavaScript插件和文档至jQuery 1.8.1.
  • 添加 文件.
  • 添加通过Bower安装Bootstrap.
  • Miscellaneous variable improvements across the board.
  • Miscellaneous documentation typos fixed.

次发布中包含问题的完整列表,请访问 2.2.0 milestone on GitHub。Otherwise, be sure to visit the docs or download today to get your hands on 2.2.0.