Simplicity Linux 13.10 Alpha 发布,Puppy Linux的衍生物

jopen 9年前

Simplicity Linux是Puppy Linux的衍生物,它采用LXDE作为缺省桌面环境。它以四种样式提供:Obsidian版、Netbook版、Desktop版、Media版。 Netbook版的特色在于云计算软件,Desktop版提供一套通用软件,Media版则为使用PC机的家宅一族提供对媒体的简便访问。
Simplicity Linux 13.10 Alpha 发布,Puppy Linux的衍生物
David Purse has announced the availability of the first alpha release of Simplicity Linux 13.10, a Puppy-based distribution that comes in desktops, netbooks and media centres flavours:
" Simplicity Linux 13.10 alphas are now available. Be warned, these releases are buggy, as is the nature of alpha releases, but they do generally work. 13.10 is based on Raring Puppy by Pemasu. The kernel is, as you might guess, and it is a non-PAE kernel, meaning you do not need a machine with PAE to be able to run it. The window manager is LXDE for all releases except Obsidian which uses Openbox (released tomorrow due to unforseen problems). Desktop is our big release, it comes with media players, LibreOffice, and a lot of other software. Desktop is a full-featured Linux distro compared to the cut-down editions like Netbook and Obsidian, and less specialised than Media."
Here is the full release announcement with known issues.
Download links: SimplicityDesktop1310Alpha2.iso (261MB), SimplicityNetbook1310Alpha.iso (203MB), SimplicityMedia1310Alpha.iso (448MB). Simplicity Linux 13.10 Alpha 发布,Puppy Linux的衍生物