Simplicity Linux 13.7 Beta 发布,Puppy Linux的衍生物

jopen 11年前

Simplicity Linux是Puppy Linux的衍生物,它采用Xfce作为缺省桌面环境。它以三种样式提供:Netbook版、Desktop版、Media版。Netbook版的特色在 于云计算软件,Desktop版提供一套通用软件,Media版则为使用PC机的家宅一族提供对媒体的简便访问。
Simplicity Linux 13.7 Beta 发布,Puppy Linux的衍生物
  Simplicity Linux is a fast and energy-efficient Linux distribution built from Puppy Linux and featuring the LXDE desktop. A beta build of the upcoming version 13.7 was announced yesterday:

" We have officially launched the beta of Simplicity Linux Desktop 13.7. We are currently in the process of uploading Simplicity Linux Obsidian and Netbook 13.7 betas. Media probably won't get a beta release because we are having some issues with it, but it should be ready to go for release on 28th July. The biggest change we've made between alpha and beta is we have officially moved from Carolina Linux as our base to LXPup. We like Xfce, we've been using it for a long time, but we think that LXDE is a better window manager, and if nothing else, it's more energy efficient. Of course, the biggest change you get because we've moved to LXPup is Gslapt."

Here is the brief release announcement with a screenshot.
Download: SimplicityDesktop137Beta.iso (451MB).