HTML5 移动应用框架,ionic 1.2.0 发布

jopen 5年前

Ionic,是一个前端框架,帮助开发人员利用 HTML5, CSS3 和 JavaScript 等技术开发类似于原生的移动应用。

Native App Development With HTML5 – Ionic 


这个框架附带 SASS与各种 AngularJS 扩展和许多组件如:按钮,切换,页眉/页脚,标签栏ionic 1.2.0 发布,更新如下:

  • $ionicSlideBoxDelegate: add speed parameter to next()/previous() (b3c086eb, closes #3493)

  • NavView: support ControllerAs syntax for ion-nav-views.. Cloese #3651 This adds support f (a665d1d2, closes #3058, #2499)

  • angular: Upgrade to Angular 1.4 (355bf6a9)

  • buttons: more v2 like buttons (21e54be6)

  • clearCache: clearCache returns a promise (336c3882, closes #3724)

  • collectionRepeat: in grid, use height of tallest item in row (40bedd7d, closes #3387)

  • config: add support for gps and sms links This makes the url patterns follow the whiteli (489e108c, closes #4305)

  • forms: remove need for . #4735 (63839333)

  • gestures: add dragstart and dragend gestures (7679690f)

  • goBack: specify how many views to go back (63a0834d)

  • keyboard: easily disable/re-enable keyboard (f7db8c3f, closes #2285)

  • meteor: add meteor support (af1bfef3, closes #3133)

  • platform: warn on lack of deviceready. (128bb78b, closes #4723)

  • scroll:

  • scrolling:

    • Windows Phone default to native scrolling (c40e36c1)

    • add native scroll delegate (bda4de1c)

  • sideMenu: add menu open and close events (dbd5881e)

  • slide-box: New slide box. (a8f23664)

  • spinner: Allow ionSpinner default to be set by ionicConfigProvider (cf338cf2, closes #3877)

  • statusbar: scroll to top on statusbar native event. (37918a2d, closes #4724)

  • swipeBack: disable swipe back per view (c602cde8, closes #3470)

  • test: Add codecoverage feedback to karma using istanbul. (e5e410a3, closes #4055, #4056)

  • wp10: Hide scrollbar automatically. #4728 (fe7eea02)