RethinkDB 1.16.2 发布,分布式数据库

jopen 6年前

RethinkDB 1.16.2 发布,此版本主要是 bug 修复更新:

  • Fixed a bug in r.range that caused query failures (#3767)

  • Fixed a race condition in the implementation of .order_by.limit.changes (#3765)

  • Fixed a build error that caused very slow r.js performance (#3757)

  • Removed spurious comma in the Data Explorer (#3730)


RethinkDB1.16.1 也主要是 bug 修复更新:

  • Write a message to the log every time a file is deleted (#1780)

  • Fixed rethinkdb dump and other backup scripts to correctly detect the server version (#3706)

  • Changed the output of rethinkdb dump to clarify that indexes are being saved (#3708)

  • Fixed unbounded memory consumption when using the official OS X package or when building with boost 1.56.0 or higher (#3712)

  • Fixed the written_docs_total field of rethinkdb.stats (#3713)

  • Fixed a bug that caused the web UI to hang when creating or deleting indexes (#3717, #3721)

  • Fixed rounding of document counts in the web UI (#3722)

  • Fixed a bug that broke the -f flag of rethinkdb import (#3728)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the web UI from loading data properly (#3729)

  • Fixed a bug that caused RethinkDB to refuse to link with jemalloc dynamically (#3741)

  • Fixed an uncaught exception in the handling of r.js (#3745)

RethinkDB 设计用来存储 JSON 文档的分布式数据库,可通过简单操作实现多机分布式存储。支持表的联合和分组查询。

RethinkDB 1.16.2 发布,分布式数据库



  • JSON 数据模型和一致性

  • 分布式联合查询、子查询、聚合查询和原子更新操作

  • Hadoop 风格的 map/reduce.


  • 提供友好的 Web 和命令行管理工具

  • 服务器和网络故障时的谨慎处理

  • 多数据中心复制和故障转移


  • 数据分片和复制到多个节点

  • 自动化并行查询和分布式查询

  • 通过 MVCC 并发实现无锁操作