OpenSSH 7.1 发布,bug 修复版本

jopen 6年前

OpenSSH 7.1 发布,OpenSSHOpen Secure Shell)是使用SSH透过计算机网络加密通讯的实现。它是取代由SSH Communications Security所提供的商用版本的开放源代码方案。目前OpenSSH是OpenBSD的子计划。



  Refusing all RSA keys smaller than 1024 bits (the current minimum
   is 768 bits)

Several ciphers will be disabled by default: blowfish-cbc,
   cast128-cbc, all arcfour variants and the rijndael-cbc aliases
   for AES.

  MD5-based HMAC algorithms will be disabled by default.

OpenSSh 7.1 相比 OpenSSH 7.0 的改进

此版本是个 bug 修复版本


sshd(8): OpenSSH 7.0 contained a logic error in PermitRootLogin=
   prohibit-password/without-password that could, depending on
   compile-time configuration, permit password authentication to
   root while preventing other forms of authentication. This problem
   was reported by Mantas Mikulenas.

Bug 修复

  ssh(1), sshd(8): add compatability workarounds for FuTTY

ssh(1), sshd(8): refine compatability workarounds for WinSCP

 * Fix a number of memory faults (double-free, free of uninitialised
   memory, etc) in ssh(1) and ssh-keygen(1). Reported by Mateusz


 - SHA1 (openssh-7.1.tar.gz) = 06c1db39f33831fe004726e013b2cf84f1889042
 - SHA256 (openssh-7.1.tar.gz) = H7U1se9EoBmhkKi2i7lqpMX9QHdDTsgpu7kd5VZUGSY=

 - SHA1 (openssh-7.1p1.tar.gz) = ed22af19f962262c493fcc6ed8c8826b2761d9b6
 - SHA256 (openssh-7.1p1.tar.gz) = /AptLR0GPVxm3/2VJJPQzaJWytIE9oHeD4TvhbKthCg=