Android Studio 1.4.1 发布,bug 修复版本

jopen 9年前

Android Studio 1.4.1 发布,这是一个 bug 修复版本,修复内容如下:

  • Fixed Gradle model caching bug (led to excessive Gradle syncing when the IDE was restarted)

  • Fix code completion performance issue when using libraries with private resources

  • Fix deadlock when using native debugging

  • Fix subversion 1.9 version validation

  • 189658: Do not attempt to validate if device chooser is not enabled

  • 188577: Fix missing translation detection for region overrides

  • 188070: Fix deadlock in the theme editor

  • 187726: Fix theme editor reload/edit conflict

  • 188055: Theme editor performance fix

  • 187665: launch compatibility: when looking at uses-feature, the "required" attribute is not taken into account


下载地址:1.4.1 Page