wine 1.8.1 发布,bug 修复版本

jopen 6年前

wine 1.8.1 发布,更新如下:

  7938  Gyldendal dictionary needs ole2disp.dll.SAFEARRAYALLOCDATA
  11023  Lack of ole2disp.dll.SAFEARRAYDESTROYDESCRIPTOR causes Nota Bene to refuse to launch
  22581  Internet Explorer 3.01 crashes on some web pages (unimplemented function ole2disp.dll16.VARIANTINIT)
  24658  Unimplemented function ole2.dll16.READCLASSSTM
  28113  winverbs doesn't work, needs ole2disp.dll16.SAFEARRAYALLOCDESCRIPTOR
  32852  BioEdit: changing the install directory doesn't show the change in the GUI
  34185  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo doesn't work after intro movies
  38076  GameRanger: unimplemented function dnsapi.dll.DnsFlushResolverCacheEntry_A
  38818  Umax Astra 4100 USB scanner driver installer needs setupx.dll16.DiBuildDriverIndex in Win9X mode
  39454  64-bit StarCraft II v3.0 client crashes immediately on startup (SetThreadContext on self with only DRx registers/CONTEXT_DEBUG_REGISTERS provided)
  39611  Any Video Converter (AVC) crashes after converting a video, needs msvcr100.dll._wtmpnam_s
  39660  some *-config scripts in are not crosscompiling friendly
  39678  Zararadio can not read folder/file name path with Latin characters
  39739  Cobra 11 - Burning Wheels demo: crashes when starting the tutorial
  39752  The elder scrolls IV: Oblivion issues
  39805  GTAIV rendering is broken
  39811  GetLongPathName not working on case insensitive filesystems when short path is passed
  39904  Spurious "You must use msvcrt" error even when __MSVCRT__ is defined (-mno-cygwin)
  39943  Worms Armageddon opens wine explorer instead of running
  39952  trackbar thumb always at zero on dialog load.
  39953  StarCraft II: 64bit client crashing regularly due to access violation (0xC0000005)
  39954  StarCraft II: 64bit client only runs with lowest shader settings
  39974  Thumb slider doesn't respond to key events
  40052  Opening an RTF file with "A Wine application" fails with "File not found"

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Wine (“Wine Is Not an Emulator” 的首字母缩写)是一个能够在多种 POSIX-compliant 操作系统(诸如 Linux,Mac OSX 及 BSD 等)上运行 Windows 应用的兼容层。 Wine 不是像虚拟机或者模拟器一样模仿内部的 Windows 逻辑,而是將 Windows API 调用翻译成为动态的 POSIX 调用,免除了性能和其他一些行为的内存占用,让你能够干净地集合 Windows 应用到你的桌面。