IoC 框架,OfficeFloor 2.2.0 发布

jopen 10年前
   <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958341283469817344" target="_blank">OfficeFloor </a>是一个 IoC 2.0 的实现,主要是聚焦于方法的依赖注入而不是对象。OfficeFloor 还拥有一个基于Eclipse的图形化配置插件,如下图所示:</p>    <p><img alt="IoC 框架,OfficeFloor 2.2.0 发布" src="" width="443" height="326" /></p>    <p>OfficeFloor 2.2.0 发布,该版本集成 GWT 的 DevMode 用于在 Eclipse 中运行 OfficeFloor Web 应用,可大大的方便开发和调试。</p>    <pre class="brush:java; toolbar: true; auto-links: false;">// OfficeFloor source to create an inline HTTP Server (useful for testing a single web page).  // Note that applications would be configured using the WoOF graphical configuration.  HttpServerAutoWireOfficeFloorSource server = new HttpServerAutoWireOfficeFloorSource();     // Add a dynamic web page (ExampleBean provides the page logic and is just a POJO)  server.addHttpTemplate("example.html", ExampleBean.class);     // Add configured DataSource for dependency injection  server.addManagedObject(DataSourceManagedObjectSource.class, null, DataSource.class).loadProperties("");     // Assign Team (specific thread pool) responsible for executing the methods with a DataSource dependency  server.assignTeam(LeaderFollowerTeamSource.class, DataSource.class).addProperty("size", "10");     // Start the HTTP Server  server.openOfficeFloor();</pre>    <p></p>