Vue.js 1.0.11 发布,JavaScript 框架

jopen 6年前

Vue.js 是构建 Web 界面的 JavaScript 库,提供数据驱动的组件,还有简单灵活的 API,使得 MVVM 更简单。


  • 可扩展的数据绑定

  • 将普通的 JS 对象作为 model

  • 简洁明了的 API

  • 组件化 UI 构建

  • 配合别的库使用



Vue.js 1.0.11 发布,更新如下:


  • Vue.set(obj, key, val) now returns the set value.

  • Inline statement handlers for a v-on on component custom events now has access to the special $arguments property:

    <my-component @some-event="handle($arguments[0])"></my-component>
    // inside my-component// parent's `handle` method gets 'hello!' as the argumentthis.$emit('some-event', 'hello!')


  • #1929 fix character escaping in expressions

  • #1935 fix parsing expressions with dynamic subpath in the form of ['prefix'+i+'suffix']

  • #1946 fix transclusion class merging in IE9

  • #1960 fix class interpolations not working with transitions

  • #1965 (1) fix default <slot> not rendering correct content when another named slot is present, and when both slots are inside a v-if fragment.

  • #1965 (2) fix default <slot> not rendering fallback content when all other content has been selected by named slots.

  • #1966 fix $destroy(true) not triggering "detached" hook on nested children (@tgeorgiev)

  • #1985 fix v-model checkbox/radio initial value issue (only happens with the combination of v-for and Chrome's overly-smart back button input state restoration behavior)

  • #1995 fix Observer error when using vue-router in Android 5.0 (should be a bug in Android 5.0 but we can work around it)