Vue.js 1.0.14 发布,轻量级 JavaScript 框架

jopen 4年前

Vue.js 是构建 Web 界面的 JavaScript 库,提供数据驱动的组件,还有简单灵活的 API,使得 MVVM 更简单。


  • 可扩展的数据绑定
  • 将普通的 JS 对象作为 model
  • 简洁明了的 API
  • 组件化 UI 构建
  • 配合别的库使用
Vue.js 1.0.14 发布,轻量级 JavaScript 框架

Vue.js 1.0.14 发布,更新如下:


  • Transition definitions can now specify the type of CSS effect it should wait for, either transitionor animation. This is only necessary in situations where you explicitly want Vue's transition system to only care about one type while being able to use the other type. For example, you may want Vue's transition to be based on a CSS animation, but the element also has CSS transition effects on hover.


    Vue.transition('fade', {    type: 'animation' // only wait for `animationend` events. })
  • Transition definitions can now specify the enterClass and leaveClass for CSS-based transitions. This will override the conventional class names. Useful when you want to combine Vue's transition system with an existing CSS animation library, e.g. Animate.css.


    Vue.transition('bounce', {    type: 'animation',    enterClass: 'bounceInLeft',    leaveClass: 'bounceOutRight' })
    <div v-show="ok" class="animated" transition="bounce">    Watch me bounce  </div>


  • #2083 avoid v-model with lazy firing twice on focus/blur

  • #2085 transclude class merging should skip interpolated class

  • #2097 one-time interpolations should now work properly inside attributes

  • #2100 fix evaluation errors when v-if is toggled with transitions

  • #2102 fix custom event propagation forwarding in inline statements (@rhyzx)

  • #2105 auto cast values to numbers in limitBy

  • #2118 fix literal value props with filters

  • #2137 allow empty expressions in terminal directives (@rhyzx)