JavaScript 框架,Vue.js 1.0.9 发布

jopen 5年前

Vue.js 1.0.9 发布,此版本更新内容:


  • The source code now uses ES2015 modules and leverages a more efficient build setup. This results in slightly better script parse time and smaller build size.

  • When installed via NPM and used with a module bundler (Webpack/Browserify), the main file is now a pre-bundled single file (dist/vue.common.js), which should also make builds faster.

  • Contributors: please note the build setup has changed. Here's the updated instructions.

Bug 修复

  • #1797 v-model and vm.$set can now properly initialize non-existent dynamic paths such as "a[b + 'c']".

  • #1800 properly preserve whitespace inside raw HTML interpolations

  • #1806 avoid duplicate classes during transclusion

  • #1816 Fix error when using Vue.set and Vue.delete on objects created via Object.create(null) (@kazupon)

  • #1839 Fix event propagation check when there are chained emits.

    • Note this fix changes an undocumented behavior of vm.$emit: previously it returns the vm itself. Now it returns a boolean value representing whether the event should propagate. Do not rely on any behavior that is not officially documented.

  • #1850 Fix v-ref on elements with both v-for and v-if.

  • props with wrong types on initialization are now still set up with reactivity.


Vue.js 是构建 Web 界面的 JavaScript 库,提供数据驱动的组件,还有简单灵活的 API,使得 MVVM 更简单。


  • 可扩展的数据绑定

  • 将普通的 JS 对象作为 model

  • 简洁明了的 API

  • 组件化 UI 构建

  • 配合别的库使用