Zorin OS 8 "Educational" 发布,基于Ubuntu的Linux发行

jopen 10年前

Zorin OS是基于Ubuntu的Linux发行,特别为Linux新手而设计。它拥有类似Windows的图形用户界面,以及很多类似Windows下的应用软件。Zorin OS还带有能让用户运行很多Windows软件的程序。该发行的终极目标是提供一份可作为Windows替换的Linux选择,并让Windows用户在避免烦琐的同时享受Linux的所有特性。
Zorin OS 8
Artyom Zorin has announced the release of Zorin OS 8 "Educational" edition, a an updated version of the project's specialist edition designed primarily for educational institutions: " The Zorin OS team has released Zorin OS 8 Educational, the education-oriented edition of our operating system designed for new Linux users. We have introduced a myriad of changes in Zorin OS including updated software, improvements to the user interface and entirely new software. As always, Zorin OS 8 uses the Zorin Desktop environment with Zorin Menu for unparalleled customization and the Zorin Look Changer for ultimate ease of use. We also include our Zorin Web Browser Manager to ease the installation of web browsers. In addition, we have now made it super easy to install the Zorin World Community Grid program in Zorin OS 8 to help humanity. Zorin OS 8 is based on Ubuntu 13.10." Here is the brief release announcement. Download (MD5): zorin-os-8-educational-64.iso (2,290MB).
<img src="https://simg.open-open.com/show/c6f5ce1e6c590870edbd4d1a98983b28.png" title="Zorin OS" alt="Zorin OS 8 " educational"="" 发布"="" border="1" height="384" hspace="6" vspace="6" width="480">