Zorin OS 8 RC 发布,基于Ubuntu的Linux发行

jopen 9年前

Zorin OS是基于Ubuntu的Linux发行,特别为Linux新手而设计。它拥有类似Windows的图形用户界面,以及很多类似Windows下的应用软件。Zorin OS还带有能让用户运行很多Windows软件的程序。该发行的终极目标是提供一份可作为Windows替换的Linux选择,并让Windows用户在避免烦琐的同时享受Linux的所有特性。
Zorin OS 8 RC 发布,
Artyom Zorin has announced the availability of the release candidate for Zorin OS 8, a beginner-friendly desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu: " To start the new year off, we have unleashed the Zorin OS 8 Core release candidate. This is a pre-release version of the next-generation Zorin OS. We have created it to get your feedback on what we have created so far. We have introduced a myriad of changes in Zorin OS including updated software, improvements to the user interface and entirely new software. Zorin OS 8 includes a simpler and more beautiful music player, the Empathy instant messaging client as well as the Zorin theme changer. Zorin OS 8 features a beautiful new dark theme in complement to a new and improved light theme. We have created this simple application to switch between the two quickly and easily. As always, Zorin OS 8 uses the Zorin desktop environment with Zorin menu for unparalleled customization." Here is the brief release announcement with screenshots. Download (MD5): zorin-os-8-core-64-rc.iso (1,485MB). Zorin OS 8 RC 发布,