Zorin OS 6.4 "Educational" 发布,基于Ubuntu的Linux发行

jopen 11年前

Zorin OS是基于Ubuntu的Linux发行,特别为Linux新手而设计。它拥有类似Windows的图形用户界面,以及很多类似Windows下的应用软件。Zorin OS还带有能让用户运行很多Windows软件的程序。该发行的终极目标是提供一份可作为Windows替换的Linux选择,并让Windows用户在避免烦琐的同时享受Linux的所有特性。
Zorin OS 6.4
Artyom Zorin has announced the release of Zorin OS 6.4 "Educational" edition, an updated version of the project's Ubuntu-based distribution with a collection of educational software:
" The Zorin OS team has released Zorin OS 6.4 Educational, the education-oriented version of our operating system designed for Windows users making the switch to Linux. Zorin OS 6.4 Educational includes newly updated software, a newer kernel out of the box and bug fixes. As Zorin OS 6.4 is based on Ubuntu 12.04 it is an LTS (long-term support) release, provided with 5 years of security updates. Users who already have installed earlier versions of the Zorin OS 6 Educational series of operating systems do not need to get Zorin OS 6.4 Educational as all the aforementioned updates and improvements in 6.4 can be applied by installing the latest updates from the Update Manager."
Here is the short release announcement.
Download (MD5): zorin-os-6.4-educational-32.iso (1,936MB, SHA1).
<IMG title="Zorin OS" border=1 hspace=6 alt="Zorin OS 6.4 " vspace=6 src="https://simg.open-open.com/show/ecae442e9ea16db0b24e8e7da8694b84.png" width=480 height=384 发布,基于ubuntu的linux发行?="" educational?="">