Pinguy OS 14.04 发布,基于Ubuntu的发行,它面向Linux新手

jopen 8年前

Pinguy OS是基于Ubuntu的发行,它面向Linux新手。它的特色在于大量的用户友好性增强,对多媒体编码解码器和浏览器插件开箱即用的支持,一份显著改造过并带有增强菜单、面板和浮动工具条的GNOME用户界面, 以及面向很多公共计算任务的一套精心选择的流行桌面应用软件。
Antoni Norman has announced the release of Pinguy OS 14.04, an Ubuntu-based desktop Linux distribution with a customised GNOME Shell desktop. This arrives after several "false" releases; yet the release announcement largely concentrates on further bugs and known issues: "The full final has been released.Known bugs: selecting auto login in the installer does not work - I had to disable it so the live session would auto login; Apturl is broken, this is an issue with Ubuntu; to make the distro work with GNOME 3.12 I had to add restore extensions to start-ups - this forces the extensions to start; if you use symbols in your password make sure you pick the correct keyboard; in Firefox some of the add-ons are disabled, just run add-on update to enable them.
" The "Full" and "Mini" Pinguy OS 14.04 live DVD images are available for download from the project's page on SourceForge:
Pinguy_OS_14.04-LTS-x86-64.iso (2,270MB, MD5),
(1,561MB, MD5).