Pinguy OS 14.04.2 发布,面向Linux新手基于Ubuntu的发行

dw23 7年前

Pinguy OS是基于Ubuntu的发行,它面向Linux新手。它的特色在于大量的用户友好性增强,对多媒体编码解码器和浏览器插件开箱即用的支持,一份显著改造过并带有增强菜单、面板和浮动工具条的GNOME用户界面, 以及面向很多公共计算任务的一套精心选择的流行桌面应用软件。

I am happy to announce the release of 14.04.2 point release.

Apart from bug fixes and updating packages not a lot has changed from 14.04 Papercuts. So if you are running 14.04 Papercuts and have kept it updated there is no need to install the point release.

For the release notes for the papercut, click here.

Pinguy OS 14.04.2 is running Linux kernel 3.13.0-46 (3.13.0-46.79) and the UEFI version of Grub. If you had issue installing Pinguy OS on UEFI enabled system in the past, this should now be fixed.

For a Screenshot Tour you can view the article.

List of some of the pre-installed apps.

  • Mozilla Firefox 36.0.4
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 31.5.0
  • Synaptic Package Manager 0.81.1
  • VLC Media Player 2.2.0 RC2
  • GNOME Tweak Tool 3.10.4
  • LibreOffice 4.2.7
  • Clementine 1.2.3
  • Shutter 0.93.1
  • PlayOnLinux 4.2.2
  • Wine 1.7.38
download SourceForge: Pinguy_OS_14.04.2-LTS-x86-64.iso (2,657MB, MD5, torrent), Pinguy_OS_14.04.2-LTS-Mini-x86-64.iso (1,947MB, MD5, torrent).