CRUX 3.1 发布,轻量级的、为i686优化的Linux发行

jopen 10年前

CRUX是一个轻量级的、为i686优化的Linux发行,它面向经验丰富的Linux用户。这份发行以简单化为主旨,这反映在其基于简单的tar.gz 格式的软件包系统上,以及BSD风格的启动脚本和相对较少的软件包收录。它的第二个着眼点则在于利用Linux的新特性以及新近的工具及系统库。

Release Notes for CRUX 3.1


This page discusses the relevant changes introduced in CRUX 3.1. Everybody upgrading from the previous release is advised to carefully read the following notes.

Toolchain updates

CRUX 3.1 comes with a multilib toolchain which includes glibc 2.19.0, gcc 4.8.3 and binutils 2.24


Linux 3.12.23


CRUX 3.1 ships with Xorg 7.7 and xorg-server 1.15.1.


The ISO image is processed with isohybrid and is suitable for burning on a CD and putting on a USB drive.

Incompatible changes

Important libraries have been updated to new major versions which are not ABI compatible with the old versions. We strongly advise against manually updating to CRUX 3.1 via ports, since these changes will temporarily break the system. Please note that there may still be packages that needs updating that are not included on the ISO. These packages will need to be updated/rebuilt manually.

  • libpng has been updated to version 1.6
  • libjpeg has been replaced by libjepeg-turbo
  • libmng has been updated to version 2.0

Important notes

  • udev has been replaced by eudev
  • the upgraded eudev will rename your ethernet devices like udev. To stop it from doing that, run touch /etc/udev/rules.d/80-net-name-slot.rules
  • net-tools and traceroute has been removed form the core collection. It's main functionality has been replaced by iproute. Additionally the inetutils port contains a ifconfig, hostname and traceroute command now
  • the tools last, mesg, wall and pidof from sysvinit has been replaced by newer versions that comes with util-linux resp. procps
  • the man program is unmaintained since years, it has been replaced by man-db
  • the network configuration has been split in two parts, one being lo for the loopback device, net for other network devices. Both are residing in /etc/rc.d and thus are supposed to be started like services in /etc/rc.conf
  • clang was removed from the llvm port. If you want clang, install opt/clang which depends on llvm.
  • mesa3d depends now on llvm which is necessary to build some popular gallium drivers. We added explicit libvdpau support to mesa3d as well.
Download: crux-3.1.iso (333MB, MD5, torrent).