CRUX 3.0 RC1 发布,为i686优化的Linux发行

jopen 11年前

CRUX是一个轻量级的、为i686优化的Linux发行,它面向经验丰富的Linux用户。这份发行以简单化为主旨,这反映在其基于简单的tar.gz 格式的软件包系统上,以及BSD风格的启动脚本和相对较少的软件包收录。它的第二个着眼点则在于利用Linux的新特性以及新近的工具及系统库。
CRUX 3.0 RC1 发布,为i686优化的Linux发行
Juergen Daubert has announced the availability of the first release candidate for CRUX 3.0, a keep-it-simple Linux distribution designed for more advanced Linux users:
" The CRUX team is pleased to announce the first release candidate of the upcoming CRUX 3.0. More than 11 years after the release of CRUX 0.5 for i686, CRUX 3.0 will be the first release for the x86_64 architecture. We do not have release notes yet, so some notes below: an update from 2.8 i686 to 3.0 is possible but you have to rebuild all installed packages that are not part of the ISO image - we will continue to update the CRUX 2.8 repositories for the near future but encourage all users to update to 3.0; a 32-bit compatibility ports tree is available but not enabled by default; enable CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION in your kernel configuration, without that option you are not able to build 32bit stuff, even a chroot into a 32bit system, e.g. CRUX 2.8, is not possible without it! Please give it a try and report any issues!"
Here is the brief release announcement. Download: crux-3.0-rc1.iso (252MB, MD5).