Openwall GNU/*/Linux 3.1 发布,安全增强的Linux发行

jopen 8年前

Openwall GNU/*/Linux(简称Owl)是一份小型的安全增强的Linux发行,它面向服务器、电器以及虚拟电器。支持SSH远程访问的Owl自启动运行光 盘可用于修复或者安装系统(哪怕安装的不是Owl)。其另一种次要的应用场合则在于操作系统和/或计算机安全课程培训,这些课程可以从Owl的简单结构及 完整环境得益。

The Owl 3.1-stable branch forked off Owl-current in mid-2014 is finally  available on our FTP mirrors, including ISO images, OpenVZ container  templates, binary packages for x86_64 and i686, and full sources.  There  are also direct links for the ISOs off the Owl homepage: This officially ends the life of Owl 3.0-stable.    Also, Owl-current is not currently in a stable state that it usually  happened to be in.  Thus, Owl 3.1-stable is the branch that we currently  intend for actual use, with Owl-current temporarily intended for  development experiments only.    Recent changes in Owl 3.1-stable include update to RHEL 5.11-based  Linux/OpenVZ kernel along with Red Hat's fix for a local privilege  escalation vulnerability on x86-64 (CVE-2014-9322).  So please upgrade.