Qubes OS 2 RC1 发布,面向安全的、基于Fedora的桌面Linux发行

jopen 5年前

Qubes OS是面向安全的、基于Fedora的桌面Linux发行,其主要理念是基于隔离的安全,而这靠轻量级的Xen虚拟机来实现隔离域。它旨在结合两个貌似矛盾的目标:如何使不同域之间的隔离尽可能强,这主要靠能够使可信代码尽量小的更灵巧的结构,以及如何使这种隔离尽可能无缝和容易。 qubes.png
Today we're releasing Qubes OS R2 RC1 (release candidate), which is expected to be the last milestone before the final Qubes OS R2 release. As mentioned previously today's release is bringing mainly UI improvements and polishing and lots of bug fixes, as well as some last new features. Both Dom0 and VMs have been upgraded to Fedora 20. Support for full templates download via two new repo definitions - templates-itl and templates-community. With a bit of imagination we could call it Qubes 'AppStore' for VMs. Currently we have only published one template there – the new default FC20-based template, but we plan to upload more templates in the coming weeks.
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下载地址:Download (MD5): Qubes-R2-rc1-x86_64-DVD.iso (2,824MB).