Qubes OS 2 Beta 1 发布,基于Fedora的桌面Linux发行

jopen 9年前

Qubes OS是面向安全的、基于Fedora的桌面Linux发行,其主要理念是基于隔离的安全,而这靠轻量级的Xen虚拟机来实现隔离域。它旨在结合两个貌似矛 盾的目标:如何使不同域之间的隔离尽可能强,这主要靠能够使可信代码尽量小的更灵巧的结构,以及如何使这种隔离尽可能无缝和容易。
Qubes OS 2 Beta 1 发布,基于Fedora的桌面Linux发行
Joanna Rutkowska has announced the availability of the first beta build of Qubes OS version 2, Fedora-based desktop Linux distribution whose main concept is
"security by isolation" by using domains implemented as lightweight Xen virtual machines: " It's my pleasure to announce that the first beta for Qubes Release 2 is now available for download. This release introduces generic support for fully virtualized AppVMs (called HVMs in Xen parlance), and specifically initial support for Windows-based AppVMs integration. Generic support for HVMs means you can now install many different OSes as Qubes VMs, such as various Linux distros, BSD systems, and, of course, Windows. Essentially all you need is an installation ISO and the whole process is similar to creating a VM in a program like Virtual Box or VMware Workstation (although we believe the underlying architecture for this is more secure in Qubes). "
Read the rest of the release announcement for further information. Download: Qubes-R2-Beta1-x86_64-DVD.iso (1,694MB). Qubes OS 2 Beta 1 发布,基于Fedora的桌面Linux发行