Apache Directory Studio 2.0 M1 发布

fmms 10年前
     <p>Apache Directory Studio 是一个 LDAP 的工具平台,用来连接到任何 LDAP 服务器并进行管理和开发工作。</p>    <p>主要功能:LDAP浏览器、LDIF编辑器、嵌入式 ApacheDS、ACI编辑器。</p>    <p><img alt="Apache Directory Studio 2.0 M1 发布" src="https://simg.open-open.com/show/68d04d059bc0b9f3613bc9054d7248b6.jpg" width="377" height="287" /><br /> <br /> </p>    <p>Apache Directory 团队今天发布了 Apache Directory Studio 2.0 M1 ,这是 2.0 版本的首个 alpha 测试版。Apache Directory Studio 是一个基于 Eclipse 的 LDAP 浏览器和客户端。</p>    <p>下载地址:<br /> http://directory.apache.org/studio/2.0/download</p>    <p>Eclipse Update:<br /> http://directory.apache.org/studio/update/2.x/</p>    <p>改进记录:<br /> * The Apache Directory LDAP API has now been integrated in Apache Directory Studio:<br /> ** it is used as default network provider (as a replacement for JNDI - which is still selectable)<br /> ** and also in the Schema Editor plugin for checking the schema inconsistencies<br /> * A new LDAP Servers plugin has been introduced and replaces the<br /> ApacheDS plugin:<br /> ** it provides an open way to include LDAP Server adapters which allows you create and run a new LDAP Server within seconds<br /> ** LDAP Server adapters are provided for all ApacheDS versions from<br /> 1.5.3 to the latest milestone 2.0 M4).<br /> * A new ApacheDS 2.0 Configuration plugin takes care of editing the configuration of a 2.0 ApacheDS instance:<br /> ** it reads the configuration from the LDIF configuration file on the filesystem<br /> ** it can also read the configuration via LDAP using a connection defined in the LDAP Browser<br /> * The RCP application is based on the latest version of Eclipse (3.7.1):<br /> ** it is provided in two versions (32 bit and 64 bit) for each major operating system (Mac OS X, Linux & Windows)<br /> * There are a lot more new additions, improvements and bug fixes<br /> </p>    <div></div>