Node.js的ORM框架,Sequelize 2.0.0RC8 发布

jopen 7年前

Sequelize.js 提供对 MySQL,MariaDB,SQLite 和 PostgreSQL 数据库的简单访问,通过映射数据库条目到对象,或者对象到数据库条目。简而言之,就是 ORM(Object-Relational-Mapper)。Sequelize.js 完全是使用 JavaScript 编写,适用于 Node.js 的环境。

Sequelize 2.0.0RC8 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  • [FEATURE] CLS Support. CLS is also used to automatically pass the transaction to any calls within the callback chain when usingsequelize.transaction(function() ....

  • [BUG] Fixed issue with paranoid deletes anddeletedAtwith a custom field.

  • [BUG] No longer crahes onwhere: []

  • [FEATURE] Validations are now enabled by default for upsert.

  • [FEATURE] Preliminary support forinclude.through.where

  • [SECURITY/BUG] Fixed injection issue in direction param for order