Neo4j 2.2.8 发布,面向网络的数据库

jopen 5年前

Neo4j 2.2.8 发布,面向网络的数据库

Neo4j 2.2.8 发布,更新内容如下:

  • Fixes #6075 – internal transaction pools would incorrectly hold on to the defunct lock manager from the previous epoch after a master switch, which would then cause arbitrary future transactions to fail with aMasterClient214 could not connectComException.

  • Fixes #6022 – a bug with legacy index transaction state, that could lead to missing index entries, when a transaction involve both a node legacy index and a relationship legacy index, that both have the same name, and one of the indexes is dropped or relationships are removed from the relationship legacy index.

  • Fixes #5988 – a performance issue where locks were taken for read-only queries when reading properties with a unique constraint. This was a regression for the RULE planner, and always a performance issue for the COST planner

  • Several Cypher fixes: Equality now treats chars as strings,NoSuchIndexis now a DatabaseError, ..and more..