Neo4j 2.3.2 发布,面向网络的数据库

jopen 5年前

Neo4j 2.3.2 发布,面向网络的数据库

Neo4j 2.3.2 发布,更新如下:

Import Tool:

import-tool can now configure custom characters for quoting and field delimiting, using --quote and --delimiter respectively. #6034

Fix a bug where graph-global node and relationship scans would miss changes in the current transaction. #5888
Fix a bug where a particular sequence of mutually cancelling drops and creates of constraints would lead to effectively read-only transactions being erroneously considered as write transactions. #5953
Fix bug #6133 where configuring string_array_size and array_block_size to different values would sometimes prevent the database from reading large string properties. #6141
Fix a bug with legacy index transaction state, that could lead to missing index entries, when a transaction involve both a node legacy index and a relationship legacy index, that both have the same name, and one of the indexes is dropped or relationships are removed from the relationship legacy index. #6022

Collection of the metrics data is disabled by default, since there are no reporters (e.g., Graphite, Ganglia, CSV) enabled by default
No default for csv output directory. The old default (database store directory) was sub-optimal and confusing due to mixing of csv files with database files
Single-CSV-file metrics reporting has been deprecated, and will be removed in the next major release. #5892
Ganglia metrics reporting has been marked as deprecated. #5993

Fixed planning issues around 'USING JOIN' - #5927
Fixed a bug with CREATE UNIQUE where it would sometimes fail in a concurrent scenario - #5999
Fixes #5986 - The planner incorrectly plans an index seek by range for n.prop > m.prop where n and m are nodes #6063
Improved performance of shortestPath with predicates involving all nodes in the path #5974
Equality should treat chars as strings - #5909
Fixes #5902 - Regression: NoSuchIndex is now a DatabaseError - #5925
Fixes #5921 - type expectation for IN being too specific
Fixes an issue with inner variables in FOREACH
Stop taking locks when reading from unique indexes, #5988.

The batch end-point now ignores unparsable placeholder marks, fixing #5664. #6032

The neo4j-shell in the Enterprise distribution now supports Property Existence Constraints when opening Enterprise Edition databases with -path. #5995

Fix a bug where neo4j console would mistakenly warn about file descriptor limits on OS X, fixing #159. #6080
neo4j stop now prints "done" when it completes successfully. #5949

Fix a bug where HA instances could not join a cluster because they in certain cases could not resolve the addresses of other members of the cluster. #5869 #5930 #5932
Add a fixed_asc option for the ha.tx_push_strategy that makes HA failover a little more deterministic in which instance becomes the new master. #5712
Fix a bug that could cause slaves to never re-plan queries, regardless of how many commits and data changes they accept, which in turn could lead to bad query plans and slow Cypher execution. #5935
Improve cluster stability by making all logging in time-critical threads asynchronous and wait-free, and also by removing some unnecessary logging. #5629
Fix a problem where a master switch could put slave instances in a state, where they never re-planned queries. This could lead to slow query execution on the slave instances, due to bad execution plans. #5935
Fix a problem where internal transaction pools would incorrectly hold on to the defunct lock manager from the previous epoch after a master switch, which would then cause arbitrary future transactions to fail with a "MasterClient214 could not connect" ComException. #6075
Fix numerous cases where the internal ComException could bubble out to user-land. We now throw more user-friendly exceptions instead, typically TransientTransactionFailureException. #6102 #6146