Snowlinux 4 "MATE", "Cinnamon" 发布,最新稳定版本的Linux发行

jopen 7年前

Snowlinux是一套基于Debian最新稳定版本的Linux发行,其特色在于四种桌面环境:GNOME、KDE、LXDE、Xfce。其宗旨是用 户友好性、集成多种有用的调整及精心挑选的应用软件。该项目还单独开发一份基于Ubuntu的样式,其特色是MATE桌面(乃GNOME 2的分支)。
Snowlinux 4
Lars Torben Kremer has announced the release of Snowlinux 4 "MATE" and "Cinnamon" editions, both based on Ubuntu 13.04: " The team is proud to announce the release of Snowlinux 4 'Frosty'. Snowlinux 4 'Frosty' is the latest release based upon Ubuntu 13.04. MATE 1.6, the default desktop environment, and Cinnamon 1.8 run perfectly. While MATE 1.6 was mostly improved technically, Cinnamon 1.8 was improved with an unified control center and an own screensaver. Snowlinux 4 'Frosty' uses the latest technologies and has an updated package base. New features: Linux kernel 3.8; MATE 1.6 and Cinnamon 1.8; Snowlinux Metal theme; Nemo 1.8; Caja 1.6; Firefox 21.0 and Thunderbird 17.0.5; Cinnamon control center and screensaver; Snowlinux Full HD backgrounds." Read the rest of the release announcement for more information and system requirements. Download ( MD5) links: snowlinux-4-frosty-amd64.iso (902MB), snowlinux-4-cinnamon-amd64.iso (890MB).
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