Manjaro Linux "KDE", "Cinnamon", "MATE" 发布

jopen 7年前

Manjaro Linux是面向桌面的、用户友好的、基于Arch Linux的发行。它的一些显著特性包括:一份直观的安装程序、自动硬件检测、用于管理图形卡的特别Bash脚本、一组额外的桌面配置选项。Manjaro Linux带有三份样式,分别采用Xfce、GNOME 3(使用Cinnamon Shell)、KDE桌面。
Manjaro Linux
Yusuf Faruk Doğan has announced the release of three community editions of the Arch-based Manjaro Linux - with KDE, Cinnamon and MATE desktops: " We are happy to announce three new Manjaro Community Editions featuring Mate 1.6, Cinnamon 1.7, Gnome 3.8 and KDE 4.10.2. “Community Editions” of Manjaro Linux are released as bonus flavours in addition to those officially supported and maintained by the Manjaro Team, provided that the time and resources necessary are available to do so. We hope you like these releases." The release announcement includes a detailed list of changes and new features for each of the three editions, as well as screenshots and notes on the graphical system installer and the distribution's unique package management utility. Quick download links: manjaro-kde- (2,128MB, SHA1), manjaro-cinnamon- (1,524MB, SHA1), manjaro-mate- (1,216MB, SHA1).
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