ECL 16.1.2 发布,可嵌入式的 Common Lisp

jopen 6年前

可嵌入式的 Common Lisp —— ECL 发布 16.1.2 版本,下载地址:


  • Added code walker (present in *features* as :walker)

  • Testing framework initial cleanup

  • Format fallbacks to prin1 if infinity or NaN are passed to it

  • Annotations are added at runtime (better integration with SLIME)

  • Mersenne-Twister RNG has new 64 bit implementation for appropriate machines

  • Add sockets implementation for the android platform

  • Add android build target (official android support)

  • Added Clang-specific pragmas to disable return type, unused value and excessive parentheses warnings, which are fairly harmless, but annoying and clutter user output.