Common-Lisp 语言解析器,ECL 16.0.0 发布

jopen 6年前

ECL (Embeddable Common-Lisp) 是一个嵌入式的 Common-Lisp 语言解析器。

ECL 16.0.0 发布,此版本改进了现有 CL 库生态系统的各种互操作性,遵从 ANSI,提升跨平台的便捷性。

最显著的改进是提升常规代码质量 – 移除了死锁和接口,重构了部分代码库。同时还重做了测试框架,改进和更新了文档。

已知 issues

  • In Windows, ECL comes with the bytecode compiler by default, because C compilers are normally not available. Unfortunately several libraries out there are not prepared for this.  If you plan to use quicklisp and have a C compiler accessible to ECL, you may use (ext:install-c-compiler) to switch back to the Lisp-to-C compiler.

  • In order to test a package, programmer has to install ECL on a desired destination (specified with "–prefix" parameter given to the configure script).

API 改进

  • There is no UFFI nickname for the FFI package - we piggyback on cffi-uffi-compat for UFFI dependent systems (our UFFI wasn't version 2.0 compatible and there were problems with ADSF dependencies on UFFI - it wasn't a system)

  • CLOS has the new nickname "MOP"

  • The new ext:run-program :error argument can automatically create a separate stream if provided with the :stream keyword. The external-process structure also has a new field to hold that stream.

  • ext:run-program accepts new arguments: :if-input-does-not-exist, :if-error-exists, :external-format

  • ext:system no longer binds standard-input andstandard-output and now ignores input and output (use ext:run-program for more control)

  • methods can be specialized on both single-float and double-float (built-in classes were added for them)

  • LET/FLET/LABELS will signal an error if the parameter of the same name appears multiple times

  • lambda lists with repeated required parameters name are considered invalid

  • deprecated configure options "–with-system-boehm=x" and "–enable-slow-config" removed


  • Verification if manual is up-to-date, providing corrections for outdated parts

  • Documentation is now included in the main repository under the top-level directory `doc'

  • Update libffi to version 3.2.1

  • Update asdf to version

  • Update Boehm-Demers-Weiser garbage collector to version 7.4.2

  • Pathname string-parts internal representation is now character, not base-char

  • Dead code removal, tabulators were replaced by spaces

  • Better quality of generated code (explicit casting when necessary)

解决 issues 列表

  • Various fixes of bogus declarations

  • Remove deprecated GC calls

  • ROTATEF, SHIFTF, PSETF reworked to conform to the ANSI standard. Places were handled improperly in regard of multiple values.

  • Improved Unicode support in character handling

  • Format handles floats and exponentials correctly (major format rework)

  • Stack limits refinements and cleanup, inconsistency and bug fixes

  • Duplicate large block deallocation with GMP 6.0.0a fixed

  • ECL builds on OpenBSD with threads enabled

  • Closures put in mapcar work as expected in both compiled and interpreted code

  • Improved readtable-case handling (:invert and character literals now conform)

  • Library initialization functions have unique names - no risk of clashing symbol names in object files

  • Format float bug fixed, when width and fdigits were not set, but k was

  • `logical-pathname-translations' now signals an error if logical pathname wasn't defined yet, to conform with ANSI (it used to return NIL)

  • Wildcards in logical pathname translations are replaced correctly

  • Regression testing framework and unit tests cleanup

  • deftype ANSI conformity fix (deftype accepts macro labda-lists)

  • ECL built with MSVC doesn't crash when Control-C is pressed

  • Other minor tweaks