Android周报Android Weekly #136

jopen 9年前


link image   Shared Element Transitions In-Depth (part 3a) (

Alex Lockwood's post gives an in-depth analysis of shared element transitions and their role in the Activity and Fragment Transitions API. This is the third of a series of posts he's written on the topic.

Annotation Processing 101 (

Here's a deep look at Java annotation processors by Hannes Dorfmadd, including making them work with Android build processes.

RxJava Observable tranformation: concatMap() vs flatMap() (

Fernando Cejas shares some RxJava insights regarding transforming your stream.

Android Studio 1.1 Preview 1 Released (

The focus for version 1.1 is bug fixes. However, in addition to the bug fixes there are some notable improvements, including mipmap resources on new projects, new lint checks and new templates for creating watch faces.

VectorDrawables – Part 3 (

In this article Mark Allison takes the VectorDrawable animations a step further and looks at how to actually animate the contents of the path elements.



link image   Replacing an Icon (

Riyaz Ahamed was working on redesigning an android app. In this post he describes all the thought process involved in redesigning a particular screen.

We are Living in a Material World and I am a Material Girl (

Fyza Hashim describes how she and the rest of the Trello team gave their Android app a Material design makeover.

UI Animation in Photoshop – Tutorial #2 (

In this second tutorial, Taylor Ling shares his experiences in applying easing into the Material UI animations made with Photoshop.



Android Developer (New York City)

Mobile ticketing right now is where photo sharing was five years ago (i.e. awful). We're changing that. We’ve come a long way already, but we still have so much more we want to do! Join our team and help us build an Android app that defines sports and music on the platform.

Android Developer (Remote or New York City)

Trello is looking for brilliant developers to help us make our Android app even more awesome. Trello for Android is fully native, minSdkVersion is 15, and we are an Editors' Choice. If you're a RxJava addict with experience making highly interactive applications, come join us!

Android Developer (Cologne, Germany)

If you are: green, approx. 0.53 meters tall and feed upon well-crafted code (or all of the above at least at heart) then we need you!

Android Developer (San Francisco or Palo Alto)

Guidebook offers a platform that makes it easy to create mobile apps for events and places!

Android Engineer (Ann Arbor, MI)

Notion is a mobile startup looking to hire an experienced Android developer. You will be joining a small and ambitious team who's goal is to change the face of messaging.

Senior Android Engineer (Austin, Texas)

You will be a technical lead and mentor. You will guide project teams by creating technical designs, writing user stories, and grooming the backlog. You will promote and champion best technical practices with both our clients and the development team. AND, you get to code!

Engineering Manager, Android (Austin, TX)

As Engineering Manager for Mutual Mobile’s Android department, you will be a key player in the definition and execution of company goals. You will define strategies to grow and strengthen the Android team, and be a leader in the development of software projects on the Android platform.

Software Engineer, Android @ Etsy (Brooklyn)

Etsy is set on redefining what mobile, person-to-person commerce means for the entire world. We’re a mobile first company that is focused on scaling Android and iOS app development throughout our whole organization. 2015 is going to be a huge year for apps at Etsy. Want to be a part of it?



Gradle Advanced Build Version Plugin (

A plugin to generate the Android version code and version name automatically.

MaterialRangeBar (

MaterialRangeBar is a fork of that adds some basic material styling, as well as start and end values, values as floats and some other things.

Android Indicators (

A simple library to add some effect to screen title.

Android PagerSlidingTabStrip (

Interactive paging indicator widget, compatible with the ViewPager from the Android Support Library.

Side-Menu.Android (

A nicely animated side navigation menu

Telecine (

Jake Wharton has released and open sourced Telecine, a small app which he wrote two months ago for creating clean screen recordings directly on your device.



Android Drawable Importer (

Marc Prengemann just released hist first plugin called Android Drawable Importer for Android Studio and IntelliJ which makes importing of images easier. 

A script to safely manage your Android keystore (

Mike Wallace shares a script to add to your gradle build to help keep your app signing keystore safe and backed up.



The Future of Dependency Injection with Dagger 2 (

This talk starts with a brief introduction to Dagger and dependency injection in general and then covers the new concepts and new APIs provided by Dagger v2 with real-world examples.