Java NoSQL数据库, OrientDB 2.0-rc2 发布

jopen 7年前

OrientDB是一个NoSQL数据库管理系统,在普通硬件上每秒可以存储15万份文档。它是一个基于文档的数据库,关系在图形数据库中管理,与记录之间直接连接。你可以在几毫秒内遍历树和图的记录的全部或部分。它支持 schema-less, schema-full, 和schema-mixed 模式,具有一个基于用户和角色,很强的安全性分析系统。支持SQL查询语言。

 Java NoSQL数据库, OrientDB 2.0-rc2 发布

OrientDB 2.0-rc2 Community Edition (January 12th 2015)

OrientDB Community Edition is licensed under Apache2 terms, which means that it’s FREE for any usage, even commercial.

MacOSX Linux and any other *NIX system Microsoft Windows ZIP file for any OS
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Download a Previous version.

JDBC Drivers

Use the JDBC Driver if you want to access to OrientDB from a Business Reporting tool (like Jasper) or a generic Database Tool (like DbVisualizer). The URL is jdbc:orient:<URL>, example: jdbc:orient:remote:localhost/demo. For more information look at: JDBC Driver Project page. Starting from OrientDB 2.0-rc1, the JDBC driver is provided in the distribution under “lib” folder.

OrientDB JDBC Driver 1.7 ALL OrientDB JDBC Driver 1.7 only
JDBC+OrientDB libraries, one JAR containing all the dependencies (4,8MB) JDBC libraries, use this if you already have OrientDB in the classpath (47Kb)
Download JDBC All Download JDBC

Language Drivers



Use Maven



Latest Snapshot

This is the suggested download if want to have and use the last version with all the new features and bugs fixed. Snapshot builds always compile and pass all the test cases. These packages don’t contain the “demo” database. To create it, just run the test suite with “ant clean test”. Download the last snapshot of the Community Edition.