Java NoSQL数据库,OrientDB 1.7 发布

jopen 10年前

OrientDB是一个NoSQL数据库管理系统,在普通硬件上每秒可以存储15万份文档。它是一个基于文档的数据库,关系在图形数据库中管理,与记录之间直接连接。你可以在几毫秒内遍历树和图的记录的全部或部分。它支持 schema-less, schema-full, 和schema-mixed 模式,具有一个基于用户和角色,很强的安全性分析系统。支持SQL查询语言。
NoSQL数据库,OrientDB 1.2 发布

最新新闻:OrientDB1.7 发布了!OrientDB比以前有新的令人兴奋的功能,如分布式分片,对Lucene的索引支持(全文及地理空间),SSL连接,并行查询和更快速。

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What’s new?


  • New “minimumclusters” to auto-create X clusters per class
  • New cluster strategy to pick the cluster. Available round-robin, default and balanced
  • Added record locking via API
  • Removed rw/locks on schema and index manager
  • Cached most used users and roles in RAM (configurable)


  • New support for SSL connections on binary and HTTP protocols


  • Bookmarks for queries
  • Ability to interrupt running commands


  • New “script” command to execute multiple SQL statements + transaction control
  • New “next” command to move the cursor on the next record in the result set
  • New “pref” command to move the cursor on the previous record in the result set
  • New “move ” command to move from current record by executing a predicate
  • New “eval ” command to evaluate a predicate against current record
  • Ability to ignore errors by setting “set ignore = true”


  • New support for Sharding
  • Simplified (JSON) configuration


  • New functions to return the traversed items: traversedVertex(), traversedEdge() and traversedElement()
  • Method addEdge() can takes ORID to use implicitly last record version


  • New PARALLEL keyword to run the query on multiple threads
  • New “INSERT INTO … SELECT” to copy records
  • New “INSERT INTO … RETURN ” to return expressions on INSERT
  • New “UPDATE … RETURN ” to return expressions on UPDATE
  • Function distance() accepts measure unit (default = km)


  • Added support for context variables in SCRIPT command


  • Added Full-Text Lucene indexes (as plugin)
  • Added GEO Spatial Lucene indexes (as plugin)
  • Added WAL (Journal) support for Hash-Index so can be used in Transactions
  • Added NULL support for composite and non-composite indexes
  • Full-Text can be configured through METADATA keyword
  • Full-Text now indexes also sub-words
  • Improved SQL optimizer by avoiding calling evaluate() when not needed
  • LINKSET types can be indexed now
  • RID can be used on composite indexes 


Full list of all 135 closed issues.

Enterprise Edition

OrientDB Community Edition is FREE for any usage (Apache2 license). If you want additional features and Professional Support, request a trial of Enterprise Edition: Enterprise Edition.


Have fun with Graphs,

Luca Garulli
CEO at Orient Technologies
the Company behind OrientDB

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