NetBSD 6.1.1 发布

jopen 9年前

NetBSD是一份免费的、安全的及高度可移植的开源UNIX操作系统,它适合于很多种平台,从64-bit的AlphaServers及桌面系统到手持及嵌入式系统。它在设计上非常整洁,并拥有先进的特性,这使得它在业界和学术界都有口皆碑。用户可通过完整的源代码来获得支持。很多应用程序都可容易地从NetBSD Packages Collection获得。
NetBSD 6.1.1 发布
6.1.1 today was announced as the first security/bugfix update of the NetBSD 6.1 release branch:

" It represents a selected subset of fixes deemed important for security or stability reasons. Please note that all fixes in the prior security/bugfix updates (NetBSD 6.0.1 and 6.0.2), as well as those in 6.1, are also in 6.1.1. See the release map graph</a> on the NetBSD website for a visual representation of the relationship between releases. Complete source and binaries for NetBSD 6.1.1 are available for download at many sites around the world. We encourage users who wish to install via ISO or USB disk images to download via BitTorrent by using the torrent files supplied in the images area.</span>"

Read the
release announcement and the release notes for full information.
Download ( SHA512): NetBSD-6.1.1-amd64.iso (331MB, torrent), NetBSD-6.1.1-i386.iso (314MB, torrent).