Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 Beta 发布

bgn4 9年前

Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL)是红帽公司开发的Linux发行,它专攻商业市场。Red Hat Enterprise Linux面向x86、x86_64、Itanium、PowerPC、IBM System z架构发布服务器版本,以及面向x86和x86_64处理器的桌面版本。红帽公司的所有正式支持和培训,以及红帽认证计划,均围绕Red Hat Enterprise Linux平台而开展。红帽公司使用严格的商标规则来限制其正式支持的Red Hat Enterprise Linux的版本被以免费的形式重新发布,但却仍然免费提供其源代码。第三方的派生版本可以在去除非免费组件后创建及重新发布。

We are pleased to announce the beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7, the latest version of our Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 platform. The enhanced functionality provided by Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 beta enables organizations to tailor their infrastructure for the business needs of today while remaining flexible enough to prepare for the IT challenges of tomorrow, starting with helping enterprises to preserve investments in existing infrastructure. These include: Increased interoperability with Active Directory and Identity Management servers through the addition of new capabilities to the Identity Management client code (SSSD); Clufter, included as a Technology Preview, a tool/library for analyzing and transforming cluster configuration formats enables system administrators to update existing high-availability configurations to run on the latest high-availability tools from Red Hat Enterprise Linux