PostgreSQL 9.5 Alpha 1 发布,排序性能提升

jopen 6年前


PostgreSQL绑定了很多种编程语言,例如 C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby等 ,它可以操作很多东西,从简单的Web应用程序到拥有数百万条记录的庞大数据库。

PostgreSQL 9.5 Alpha 1 发布,该版本值得关注的新特性包括:

  • Block-Range Indexes (BRIN) which enable compact indexing of very large tables

  • Large speed improvements in in-memory sorting and hashing

  • Automated management of transaction log size

  • INSERT ON CONFLICT UPDATE, otherwise known as "UPSERT"

  • Grouping Sets, CUBE and ROLLUP analytic operations

  • Row-Level Security (RLS) support

  • More JSONB data manipulation functions and operators

  • Added the pg_rewind tool and other high availability improvements to replication

  • Multiple enhancements to Foreign Data Wrappers, including IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA

  • Large increases in multi-core and large memory scalability