Slackel 6.0 "Openbox" 发布

jopen 10年前

Slackel是基于Slackware Linux和Salix OS的自启动运行光盘Linux发行,并与两种基础发行完全兼容。它采用Slackware的当前版本和KDE桌面的最新版本。Slackel光盘镜像以两种形式提供:安装型和自启动运行型。
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Dimitris Tzemos has announced the release of Slackel 6.0 "Openbox" edition, a lightweight Linux distribution based on Slackware's "Current" branch: " Slackel 6.0 Openbox has been released. It includes the Linux kernel 3.10.30 and the latest updates from Slackware's 'Current' tree. Slackel 6.0 Openbox 32-bit image includes both PAE and non-PAE kernels with older hardware support. The ncurses installer includes the option to install either the LILO or the GRUB bootloader. After installation users can use the grubconfig utility to reinstall GRUB or to change the bootloader from LILO to GRUB. Users can also use update-grub to update GRUB menus any time they upgrade their kernel or install another Linux distribution. The os-prober tool is used to probe for other operating systems and to update GRUB menus. Slackel 6.0 Openbox includes the Midori 0.5.7 web browser, Claws-Mail 3.9.2...." Read the full release announcement for more details. Download: slackel64-openbox-6.0.iso (635MB, MD5). The KDE variant of Slackel featuring the KDE 4.10.5 desktop was also released today. <img src="" title="Slackel" alt="Slackel 6.0 " openbox"="" 发布"="" border="1" height="384" hspace="6" vspace="6" width="480">