Node v0.12.11 (LTS) 发布,主要针对OpenSSL 1.0.1修复更新

jopen 6年前

Node v0.12.11 (LTS) 发布,主要针对OpenSSL 1.0.1修复更新

Node v0.12.11 发布了 ,以下是更新记录:

  • http_parser: Update to http-parser 2.3.2 to fix an unintentionally strict limitation of allowable header characters. (James M Snell) nodejs/node#5241

  • domains:

    • Prevent an exit due to an exception being thrown rather than emitting an 'uncaughtException' event on the process object when no error handler is set on the domain within which an error is thrown and an 'uncaughtException' event listener is set on process. (Julien Gilli) nodejs/node#3885

    • Fix an issue where the process would not abort in the proper function call if an error is thrown within a domain with no error handler and --abort-on-uncaught-exception is used. (Julien Gilli) nodejs/node#3885

  • openssl: Upgrade from 1.0.1r to 1.0.1s (Ben Noordhuis) nodejs/node#5509

    • Fix a double-free defect in parsing malformed DSA keys that may potentially be used for DoS or memory corruption attacks. It is likely to be very difficult to use this defect for a practical attack and is therefore considered low severity for Node.js users. More info is available at

    • Fix a defect that can cause memory corruption in certain very rare cases relating to the internal BN_hex2bn() and BN_dec2bn() functions. It is believed that Node.js is not invoking the code paths that use these functions so practical attacks via Node.js using this defect are unlikely to be possible. More info is available at

    • Fix a defect that makes the CacheBleed Attack ( possible. This defect enables attackers to execute side-channel attacks leading to the potential recovery of entire RSA private keys. It only affects the Intel Sandy Bridge (and possibly older) microarchitecture when using hyper-threading. Newer microarchitectures, including Haswell, are unaffected. More info is available at



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