Eclipse的XML编辑器 Rinzo XML Editor 1.1.0 发布

jopen 9年前
   <div id="p_fullcontent" class="detail">     <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958345709556716060" target="_blank">Rinzo XML Editor </a>1.1.0 发布了,Rinzo是一个Eclipse的XML编辑器,它提供的一些 XML编辑功能包括:标记与属性自动完成。使用DTD或Schema校验XML。从XML生成DTD或Schema。与其它编辑器相比最大不同之处在 于,Rinzo能够与Java elements结合在一起。你可以打开一个类的定义,自动完成类名,从XML声明创建类。这将非常有用假如你要编辑web.xml,struts- config.xml或其它要在XML文件中配置Java类的时候。</p>     <p><img style="border-bottom:black 1px solid;border-left:black 1px solid;border-top:black 1px solid;border-right:black 1px solid;" alt="Eclipse的XML编辑器 Rinzo XML Editor 1.1.0 发布" src="" width="374" height="236" /></p>     <div class="section">      <h3><a name="Features">Features</a></h3>      <ul>       <li>XML validation error's severity could be configured to be <strong>Error</strong> (default) or <strong>Warning</strong>.</li>       <li>XML Tag folding.</li>       <li>Quick Assist to remove surrounding Tag through Ctrl-1.</li>       <li>Configuring line width size used on formatting.</li>       <li>Supporting noNamespaceSchemaLocation for schema location definition which will be used for validation and autocompletion.</li>       <li>Pressing enter on XPath Viewer combo will trigger evaluation.</li>      </ul>     </div>     <div class="section">      <h3><a name="Bugs">Bugs</a></h3>      <ul>       <li>Saving an external file throw IllegalThreadStateException displaying an error dialog.</li>       <li>XPat Viewer can evaluate expressions on a document defining xsd namespaces.</li>       <li>Fixing extra indentation added on copy&paste of tags. </li>       <li>Code formatting preserves spaces in tag's bodies.</li>       <li>Editor's content-type binding priority set to "normal" trying avoid taking precedence over more specific editors.</li>       <li>F3 to open a file or class now has as delimiters the single quote and question mark which makes possible to open the following examples: 'a.b.c.ClassName' and not just "a.b.c.ClassName", and 'file.jsp?a="x"&b="y"'</li>      </ul>     </div>    </div>