开源 PaaS 系统,Deis v1.10.0 发布

jopen 8年前

Deis 是一个 Django/Celery API 服务器、Python CLI 和一组 Chef cookbooks 合并起来提供一个类似 Heroku 的应用平台,用于公有云和私有云。Deis 的口号是:Your PaaS. Your Rules.

Deis 是一个开源的 PaaS 系统,简化和 LXC 容器和 Chef 节点的发布和伸缩。可用于托管应用、数据库、中间件和其他服务。Deis 利用 Chef、Docker 和 Heroku Buildpacks 来提供的私有 PaaS 是非常轻量级和灵活的。

Deis 提供开箱即用的 Ruby, Python, Node.js, Java, Clojure, Scala, Play, PHP, Perl, Dart 和 Go 语言的支持。此外 Deis 可使用 Heroku Buildpacks、Docker images 和 Chef recipes 发布任何内容。Deis 主要设计用来跟不同的云提供商进行交互,尽管目前只支持 EC2。

开源 PaaS 系统,Deis v1.10.0 发布

Deis v1.10.0 发布,此版本加速了 deis 命令行客户端和 deis-builder

参与福利:新加入的 Deis 贡献者可以获得免费 DigitalOcean 卡

1.10.0 更新内容


  • The deis command-line tool has been rewritten in Go and is much faster

  • The deis-builder component has been rewritten in Go and is faster and more reliable

  • All buildpacks in deis-builder have been updated to the most recent versions tagged by Heroku

  • deis-logspout can optionally deliver logs via TCP

  • deis-router gained an informative traffic status page

  • deis respects the --limit= flag for commands which list results

  • Automated provision and upgrade acceptance tests now live under tests/bin/accept


  • Various fixes to AWS, Azure, bare metal, Linode, and OpenStack provisioning

  • Optional swarm scheduler components aren't built by default now; use make -C swarm/ build

  • NewRelic contrib docs updated now that container CPU and memory usage are available

  • deis-logger logs a unique id for each app name, helping Kubernetes scheduler usage

  • deis-logger now allows underscores in container names

  • deis-logspout fixes a potential deadlock when attaching to containers

  • Integration tests fail if deis prints any warning

  • Collaborators on apps can no longer manage others' permissions without being admins

  • Users can revoke their own app access, and some permissions checks were fixed

  • deisctl install and similar commands group k8s, mesos, and swarm components logically

  • deisctl dock and deisctl ssh show help and handle arguments more consistently

Under the Hood

  • All components and clients are built with Go 1.5, which speeds garbage collection and enables concurrent execution

  • nginx is updated to 1.9.4

  • deis-store components are updated to Ceph 0.94.3

详细改进内容请看 CHANGELOG.md


  • Docker Engine 升级

  • Docker v2 Registry

  • Rigger