jQuery Mobile 1.4.0 发布

jopen 9年前

jQuery Mobile 是一个针对触摸体验的 web UI 开发框架,允许您开发跨智能电话和平板电脑工作的移动 web 应用程序。jQuery Mobile 框架构建于 jQuery 内核之上,提供几个功能,包括 HTML 和 XML 文档对象模型(DOM)的操控、处理事件、使用 Ajax 执行服务器通信、以及用于 web 页面的动画和图像效果。

jQuery Mobile 的基本特性包括:

此框架简单易用。页面开发主要使用标记,无需或仅需很少 JavaScript。
尽 管 jQuery Mobile 利用最新的 HTML5、CSS3 和 JavaScript,但并非所有移动设备都提供这样的支持。jQuery Mobile 的哲学是同时支持高端和低端设备,比如那些没有 JavaScript 支持的设备,尽量提供最好的体验。
jQuery Mobile 在设计时考虑了访问能力,它拥有 Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 支持,以帮助使用辅助技术的残障人士访问 web 页面。
jQuery Mobile 框架的整体大小比较小,JavaScript 库 12KB,CSS 6KB,还包括一些图标。

We are happy to announce the first stable release of jQuery Mobile 1.4. For this new version we focused on performance improvements and reviewing widgets. We also introduced a new default theme and SVG icons. Some of the new features that come with this release are a flipswitch widget, a generic filter widget named “filterable”, popups with arrows, tooltips for sliders and we integrated the tabs widget from jQuery UI.


To improve performance we reduced DOM manipulation. Generation of inner markup for elements styled as butons has been completely removed. In many cases the framework just adds classes to the native element during enhancement and we even reduced the amount of classes that are added by the framework.

Theme inheritance

One of the biggest changes is the way theme inheritance works. In previous versions we used JavaScript to find the nearest parent element with a theme and added theme classes to all elements. This has been replaced by a pure CSS solution where the level of specificity of the selector determines what theme (swatch) is applied. In almost all cases the default for option theme has been removed and widgets get the same theme as their container or page via CSS.

New default theme

This was also a good time to switch to a new default theme with a flat, more modern, design. The number of swatches has been reduced from five to two; a light “A” swatch and a dark “B” swatch.

SVG icons

Not only the theme is new. A big thank you to Glyphish for creating a complete new icon set for jQuery Mobile! These are vector-based SVG icons, but we included a fallback to external PNG icons on browsers that don’t support inline SVG. We are also going to provide additional stylesheets, each with different icon CSS (inline SVG, data-uri PNG, and external PNG) that can be used with the full Grunticon solution.


The style and structure of the demos have been changed. The demos are no longer divided in sections, but all content is grouped by component. All demos are now directly accessible via the new, responsive, navigation menu.

New website

We did not only release a new version of the framework, but also launched our new website! The jQuery Mobile site now uses the same WordPress parent theme as the other jQuery projects.


We want to say thanks to everyone who contributed. Thank you Sven Franck for all your hard work on the new filterable widget and the table widget!


CDN-Hosted JavaScript:

CDN-Hosted CSS:

Copy-and-Paste Snippet for CDN-hosted files:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/misc/goto?guid=4958825916941705935">  <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script>  <script src="http://code.jquery.com/mobile/1.4.0/jquery.mobile-1.4.0.min.js"></script>

ZIP File:

If you want to host the files yourself you can download a zip of all the files.

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Supported jQuery versions

jQuery Mobile 1.4 supports jQuery core 1.8 and newer.

Graded Browser Support

See the jQuery Mobile 1.4 Supported Platforms page for the Graded Browser Support of this version.


All changes are listed in the 1.4.0 changelog. If you are upgrading from jQuery Mobile 1.3 you can use the 1.4 upgrade guide.