JQuery Mobile 1.0 发布!

jopen 11年前
     <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958183601317272178" target="_blank">jQuery Mobile</a> 是 jQuery 在手机上和平板设备上的版本。jQuery Mobile 不仅会给主流移动平台带来jQuery核心库,而且会发布一个完整统一的jQuery移动UI框架。支持全球主流的移动平台。jQuery Mobile开发团队说:能开发这个项目,我们非常兴奋。移动Web太需要一个跨浏览器的框架,让开发人员开发出真正的移动Web网站。我们将尽全力去满 足这样的需求。    <br />    <img title="jquery-mobile-1-final.png" border="0" alt="jquery-mobile-1-final.png" src="https://simg.open-open.com/show/0eeba59839fffe359088b77d82d10df8.png" width="513" height="409" />    <br />    <br />    <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958199976561754234" target="_blank">经过一年的努力,JQuery Mobile 1.0 终于正式发布了!</a>    <br />    <p><strong style="font-size:18px;">That’s right, version 1.0 is out! After more than a year of refinements, we now have a rock solid release.</strong></p>    <p>When we first launched this site back in the summer of 2010, we had a few concept sketches and some very ambitions goals: to create an elegant HTML5-based user interface library for the jQuery community designed to work on all popular mobile platforms. We are built on the strengths of jQuery core and jQuery UI and strive to make mobile development efficient, accessible and maybe even a bit fun.</p>    <p>To reach the broadest possible audience,  we decided from the start to make the framework work on every popular mobile, tablet, e-reader and even desktop platforms by embracing HTML5 and responsive design techniques. A tall order, but we’re happy to announce that we’ve achieved this goal and now support <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958199977309375103">all our target platforms</a> as of 1.0. By using a progressive enhancement approach, even less capable devices can still access the content and functionality of a jQuery Mobile site. This broad compatibility gives you the ability to reach many billions of people.</p>    <p>Equally as important, we set out to make this framework easy for developers to get up and running fast, with a minimal learning curve. Less technical folks can configure the framework with just HTML markup, but we maintain the full power of jQuery and a robust event and plugin system under the hood for developers who want to deeply extend the framework. By using tools like PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile code can be transformed into apps to be distributed through all popular app stores. A rich ecosystem of developer tools and frameworks make jQuery Mobile even more powerful, offering everything from MVC frameworks to Dreamweaver integration.</p>    <p>Throughout the course of the year, the team has spent thousands of hours refining the framework and we are thrilled that have finally reached this important milestone. We’ve been blown away by the community support and look forward to seeing what what you build with jQuery Mobile. We’re already hard at work on the next version wich will bring improved page transitions, new widgets and more and look forward to a very productive year ahead.</p>