Mozilla Firefox 55 Beta 12 发布

jopen 5年前
   <p style="text-align: center;"><img src="" alt="Mozilla Firefox 55 Beta 12 发布" width="120" height="120" /></p>    <p>还有一个显而易见的更新是,搜索框和地址栏的关系变得更为紧密,您可以随时在地址栏中设定所输入关键词的搜索引擎并立即开始搜索,由此可见在不久的将来,独立的地址栏很有可能会被取消掉,搜索就像Chrome一样容易。</p>    <p>与此同时,“同步”特性也有了较大的增强,同步菜单中引入了一个进入Firefox同步中心的入口,在这里可以管理多个设备的Firefox同步。</p>    <p><strong>New</strong></p>    <ul>     <li> <p>Browsing sessions with a high number of tabs are now restored in an instant</p> </li>     <li> <p>Sidebar (bookmarks, history, synced tabs) can now be moved to the right edge of the window</p> </li>     <li> <p>Fine-tune your browser performance from the Preferences/Options page.</p> </li>     <li> <p>Make <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959009962388573517">screenshots</a> of webpages, and save them locally or upload them to the cloud. This feature will undergo A/B testing and will not be visible for some users.</p> </li>     <li> <p>Added Belarusian (be) locale</p> </li>     <li> <p>Assign custom shortcuts to Firefox menu items on OS X and macOS via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts</p> </li>     <li> <p>Simplify print jobs from within print preview</p> </li>     <li> <p>Use virtual reality devices with the web with the <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959009962485834717">introduction of WebVR</a></p> </li>     <li> <p>Search suggestions are now enabled by default for users who haven't explicitly opted-out</p> </li>     <li> <p>Search with any installed search engine directly from the location bar</p> </li>    </ul>    <p><strong>Changed</strong></p>    <ul>     <li> <p>Breaking profile changes - do not downgrade Firefox and use a profile that has been opened with Firefox 55+.</p> </li>     <li> <p>Windows stub installer is now streamlined for simpler installation. Users requiring advanced install options should use <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959009962578488830">full installers</a>.</p> </li>     <li> <p>The Flash plugin is now click-to-activate by default and only allowed on http:// and https:// URL schemes. This change will be rolled out progressively and so will not be visible to all users immediately. For more information see the <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959009962676830364">Firefox plugin roadmap</a></p> </li>     <li> <p>Modernized application update UI to be less intrusive and more aligned with the rest of the browser.  Only users who have not restarted their browser 8 days after downloading an update or users who opted out of automatic updates will see this change.</p> </li>    </ul>    <p><strong>Developer</strong></p>    <ul>     <li> <p>Insecure sites can no longer access the Geolocation APIs to get access to your physical location</p> </li>    </ul>    <p><strong>下载地址:</strong></p>    <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4959009962767861188"></a></p>    <p>来自: cnBeta.COM</p>