Mozilla Firefox 39.0 Beta 4 发布

jopen 9年前

Mozilla Firefox 39.0 Beta 4 今日发布于Mozila的FTP,目前官方还没有发布相关的更新报告,但从面向开发者的信息看,SSLv3被彻底移除出Firefox的支持范围,并实现对W3C制订的ARIA规范的支持,这是一个为残疾人士等提供无障碍访问动态、可交互Web内容的技术规范,为浏览器、媒体播放器、辅助技术的开发人员以及Web内容开发者定义了可以获得更广泛跨平台可访问性的方法。可见Firefox从现在开始对残障人士的会更加友好。


Changes for Web developersDeveloper Tools


All devtools bugs fixed between Firefox 38 and Firefox 39.


  • Support of the <string> type on list-style-type, as well as its shorthand property list-style has been implemented (bug 1144607).

  • CSS Scroll Snapping has been implemented (bug 945584 and bug 1138658).

  • Cascading of CSS Animations and CSS Transitions has been rewritten to match the latest specification (bug 1125455).

  • Support for vertical scripts, with the writing-mode is now turned on by default on Nightly and Developer Edition, but not on Firefox Beta and Firefox Release (bug 1099032). Note that implementation is not yet complete and some widgets, like tables, will not obey to all values.


  • A new ARIA role, switch, is now supported (bug 1136563).

  • Support for <link rel="preconnect"> allowing to anticipate a future connection without revealing any information has been implemented (<a class="external external-icon" href="" title="FIXED: Implement" _href="">bug 1135160).