PHP 7.1.2 正式发布 多项修复

jopen 7年前
   <p style="text-align: center;"><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958997304153970485" title="PHP"><img alt="PHP 7.1.2 正式发布 多项修复" src="" /></a></p>    <p>七年以来,PHP 一直是第四大最流行的编程语言,驱动全球超过 2 亿多个网站,全球超过 81.7% 的公共网站在服务器端采用 PHP。PHP 7 最大特色是极大地改进了性能,在一些 WordPress 基准测试当中,性能可以达到 PHP 5.6 的 3 倍。PHP 7 包含了一些重大安全改进,如除去 PHP 安全模式,添加魔术引号,有一些新的保留关键字等等。</p>    <p>下载地址:</p>    <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958999689316238725"></a></p>    <p>改进日志如下:</p>    <p>- Core:</p>    <p>. Improved GENERATOR_CREATE opcode handler. (Bob, Dmitry)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73877 (readlink () returns garbage for UTF-8 paths). (Anatol)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73876 (Crash when exporting **= in expansion of assign op). (Sara)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73962 (bug with symlink related to cyrillic directory). (Anatol)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73969 (segfault in debug_print_backtrace). (andrewnester)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73994 (arginfo incorrect for unpack). (krakjoe)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73973 (assertion error in debug_zval_dump). (andrewnester)</p>    <p>- DOM:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #54382 (getAttributeNodeNS doesn't get xmlns* attributes). (aboks)</p>    <p>- DTrace:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73965 (DTrace reported as enabled when disabled). (Remi)</p>    <p>- FCGI:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73904 (php-cgi fails to load -c specified php.ini file). (Anatol)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #72898 (PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN is not included in phpinfo ()). (Anatol)</p>    <p>- FPM:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #69865 (php-fpm does not close stderr when using syslog). (m6w6)</p>    <p>- GD:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73968 (Premature failing of XBM reading). (cmb)</p>    <p>- GMP:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #69993 (test for gmp.h needs to test machine includes). (Jordan Gigov)</p>    <p>- Hash:</p>    <p>. Added hash_hkdf () function. (Andrey Andreev)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73961 (environmental build dependency in hash sha3 source). (krakjoe)</p>    <p>- Intl:</p>    <p>. Fix bug #73956 (Link use CC instead of CXX). (Remi)</p>    <p>- LDAP:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73933 (error/segfault with ldap_mod_replace and opcache). (Laruence)</p>    <p>- MySQLi:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73949 (leak in mysqli_fetch_object). (krakjoe)</p>    <p>- Mysqlnd:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #69899 (segfault on close () after free_result () with mysqlnd). (Richard Fussenegger)</p>    <p>- Opcache:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73983 (crash on finish work with phar in cli + opcache). (Anatol)</p>    <p>- OpenSSL:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #71519 (add serial hex to return value array). (xrobau)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73692 (Compile ext/openssl with openssl 1.1.0 on Win). (Anatol)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73978 (openssl_decrypt triggers bug in PDO). (Jakub Zelenka)</p>    <p>- PDO_Firebird:</p>    <p>. Implemented FR #72583 (All data are fetched as strings). (Dorin Marcoci)</p>    <p>- PDO_PgSQL:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73959 (lastInsertId fails to throw an exception for wrong sequence name). (andrewnester)</p>    <p>- Phar:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #70417 (PharData::compress () doesn't close temp file). (cmb)</p>    <p>- posix:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #71219 (configure script incorrectly checks for ttyname_r). (atoh)</p>    <p>- Session:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #69582 (session not readable by root in CLI). (EvgeniySpinov)</p>    <p>- SPL:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73896 (spl_autoload () crashes when calls magic _call ()). (Dmitry)</p>    <p>- Standard:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #69442 (closing of fd incorrect when PTS enabled). (jaytaph)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #47021 (SoapClient stumbles over WSDL delivered with "Transfer-Encoding: chunked"). (Rowan Collins)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #72974 (imap is undefined service on AIX). (matthieu.sarter)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #72979 (money_format stores wrong length AIX). (matthieu.sarter)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #73374 (intval () with base 0 should detect binary). (Leigh)</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #69061 (mail.log = syslog contains double information). (Tom Sommer)</p>    <p>- ZIP:</p>    <p>. Fixed bug #70103 (ZipArchive::addGlob ignores remove_all_path option). (cmb, Mitch Hagstrand)</p>    <p>来自: <a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958999689424560317" id="link_source2">cnBeta</a></p>