HTML5 移动应用开发平台,PhoneGap 2.1 即将发布

jopen 11年前
   <p><a href="/misc/goto?guid=4958183489191624778" target="_blank">PhoneGap</a>是一款HTML5平台,通过它,开发商可以使用HTML、CSS及JavaScript来开发本地移动应用程序。因此,目前开发商可以只 编写一次应用程序,然后在6个主要的移动平台和应用程序商店(app store)里进行发布,这些移动平台和应用程序商店包括:iOS、Android、BlackBerry、webOS、bada以及Symbian。</p>    <p><strong>1. Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) support</strong><br /> <strong>2. Removal of the (.pkg) Installer</strong><br /> <strong>3. Removal of the use of CORDOVALIB</strong><br /> <strong>4. Removal of the VERSION file dependency in code</strong><br /> <strong>5. Removal of CordovaLibApp and CordovaLibTest targets from the CordovaLib sub-project</strong><br /> <strong>6. Command-line scripts supports spaces in pathnames, symlinks</strong><br /> <strong>7.  Whitelist format is less strict</strong><br /> <strong>8. New JavaScript->Native bridge</strong><br /> <strong>9. iOS 6 compatibility changes</strong><br /> <strong>10. Diagnostics</strong><br /> <strong>11. New plugin signature (old signature is deprecated)</strong></p>    <p> </p>    <p>如果你想要为 iOS 6 开发应用的话,你绝对需要升级到这个版本。<strong><br /> </strong></p>