OpenXava 5.1.1 发布

jopen 8年前



  • 对于开发商业应用有高的生产效率。
  • 平滑的学习曲线并且易于使用。
  • 灵活性很强,可以创建复杂的应用。
  • 可以在该框架中的任意地方插入你自己的功能。
  • 没有代码生成:可以在几秒钟内开始编码你的应用。
  • 基于商业组件的概念。
  • 尽管用户界面是自动生产的(动态的),框架依然允许进行细致的界面布置。
  • 可以与遗留的数据库模式工作。
  • 支持任意的应用服务器(Tomcat、JBoss、WebSphere等等)。
  • 支持JSR-168:所有的OpenXava模块都是标准的portlet。
  • 支持持久化引擎:EJB3 JPA、Hibernate或者EJB2 CMP。由你选。
  • 与许多门户软件做过测试:JetSpeed 2、WebSphere Portal、Liferay和Stringbeans。
  • 可以方便的与JasperReports产生的报表集成。

OpenXava团队非常高兴宣布,OpenXava 5.1.1已经可用。
你可以下载 它并更新你的OpenXava应用。Look at the migration instructions.

It is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some little new features:

  • New isNumeric() method in Strings utility class.
  • Some new common use labels to be used in applications.
  • Fix: It does not work with WebSphere Portal (broken since v5.0).
  • Fix: Required icon is not shown for descriptions lists.
  • Fix: Too much space between UI elements when a descriptionLists is located after the first column.
  • Fix: Accessing to an application from a mobile device shows a resource not found page.
  • Fix: Collections do not fill all the available width and the wasted space grows when resizing.
  • Fix: The list does not fill all the available width with the new OpenXava 5 style.
  • Fix: Look & feel for progress bar of takes-long actions does not match the new OpenXava 5 style.
  • Fix: Progress bar is not shown when a takes-long action is called from a dialog.
  • Fix: The state of a frame is not stored if its name is too long.
  • Fix: Entering alphabetic values for filtering numeric data in list generates a generic system error.
  • Fix: Top bar module links displaced when the page is customized adding content on top.
  • Fix: Module search does not work with uppercase letters.
  • Fix: Ugly horizontal scrollbar when there are many modules in top menu.
  • Fix: Many actions on bottom of the view are ugly.
  • Fix: Visual defect in links for changing mode.
  • Fix: Help link too close to mode links.
  • Fix: Style for selected row hides the line separator.
  • Fix: Totals in element collections are not recalculated after removing a row.
  • Fix: After removing a line from an element collection events and calculated properties do not work in the collection.
  • Fix: Reloading page after removing a line from an element collection leaves a blank line.

Download OpenXava 5.1.1