GLFW 2.7.9 发布,OpenGL应用开发框架

jopen 8年前



  • Easy to use API in the style of the OpenGL APIs
  • Gives you a window and OpenGL context with two function calls
  • Explicit support for MSAA and OpenGL 3.2+, including profiles and flags
  • Input can be either polled or delivered via callbacks
  • Basic Unicode character input
  • Supports both static and dynamic linking
  • Open Source with a liberal OSI-certified license
  • Makefiles or project files for most popular C/C++ compilers
  • Examples and comprehensive documentation
GLFW 2.7.9 发布,OpenGL应用开发框架
发布说明:This release adds fixes for multiple cursor motion bugs on Windows and fixes support for the LFLAGS environment variable on OS X.