pdce 9年前

这是著名exploit网站Exploit Database官方Git仓库。Exploit Database存储了大量的漏洞利用程序,可以帮助安全研究者和渗透测试工程师更好的进行安全测试工作。



root@kali:~# searchsploit -h  Usage  : searchsploit [OPTIONS] term1 [term2] ... [termN]  Example: searchsploit oracle windows local  =========   OPTIONS  =========   -c         - Perform case-sensitive searches; by default,                searches will try to be greedy   -v         - By setting verbose output, description lines                are allowed to overflow their columns   -h, --help - Show help screen  NOTES:   - Use any number of search terms you would like (minimum: 1)   - Search terms are not case sensitive, and order is irrelevant  root@kali:~# searchsploit afd windows local  ----------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------  Description                                                     |  Path  ----------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------  MS Windows XP/2003 AFD.sys Privilege Escalation Exploit (K-plug | /windows/local/6757.txt  Microsoft Windows xp AFD.sys Local Kernel DoS Exploit           | /windows/dos/17133.c  Windows XP/2003 Afd.sys - Local Privilege Escalation Exploit (M | /windows/local/18176.py  Windows - AfdJoinLeaf Privilege Escalation (MS11-080)           | /windows/local/21844.rb  ----------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------  root@kali:~#